Airbus A330 NEO AFG-ATO

Fly the first and only A330 NEO in the world

Train and improve your Pilot competencies by strengthening your aircraft knowledge and its operating procedures

This full flight simulator has been designed to exactly replicate the flight envelope characteristics of an A-330 CEO/NEO and its flight performance allowing both regular training and exams to be solely conducted in a simulator. This saves fuel, increases the lifespan of the aircraft and engines and allows for training conditions, such as severe storms, windshear, TCAS and multiple system failures, which cannot be replicated in real flight operations.

Airbus A330 simulator description:

  • Visual triple cylindrical projection, Full HD, with 200º field of view.
  • Photorealistic scenarios with high resolution terrain, detailed airports, runways, taxiways, numbered parking slots, etc.
  • Three possible engine configurations: GE, TRENT and ROLLS ROYCE.
  • Worldwide database, with more than 24,000 updated airports, VORs, NDBs and ILS.
  • Fully configurable meteorology scenarios, realistic 3D approaches Cat I, II and III, etc.
  • FLS with AR capabilities, use of the Reversible Bus, capable of ROW/ROP, Go-Around and TCAS Blue.
  • Latest Standard 2.0 being fully UPRT approved.
  • Instructor panel with touch monitor, with the ability to relocate the Airplane in different phases of approaches, TCAS resolutions, modify load sheets, analysis of flight phases graphs. Realistic Air conditioning/Avionics Smoke.

Strategic uses:

  • Filming in low visibility conditions.
  • CAT II/III Approaches, Non-Precision Approaches (NPA) & Missed Approaches.
  • TCAS resolutions including TA & RA.
  • Weather radar & EGPWS scenarios with visual correlation.
  • Actions to generate failures of ECAM systems.
  • Create Lesson plans with store/recall the flight plan and  snapshot option.

Real Photos of our Airbus A330 NEO Simulator:

Full flight simulator Airbus A330

AFG-ATO is an Airbus A320 EASA Training Center Approved

E-ATO-309 Approved Training Organisation

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